Friday, May 20, 2011

All RIGHT! NEW Enchanted Hollow Designs Blog!!!!

I am taking my wonderful hubby, Albert's, advice and I have started a brand NEW blog. It is still called Enchanted Hollow Designs, but the blog address is different. It is:

This one is harder to remember I know, but I had to make it different from the other blog address. So copy and paste this and hop over to the new one or click on the title to this post and it will take you over there.
It's a pretty barebones blog right now, but I'm working on importing as much of the old blog over there as I can. I swear, if I ever get this blog stuff straightened out,I am going to CELEBRATE!
Thank you all so much for your patience with me,

Another Reposting of a Past Post

Just thought you all would like to see this past pic of Maggie and Christopher. : )

2009-08-08T20:21:25.120-04:00Adorable Picture of Kitties Sleeping

I know, I know, too many kitty pics! Hmmmmm, CAN one have too many kitty pics?? : )

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bear with me...trying hard to get blog straightened out

You know one real problem I'm having is that there apparently is no way to contact Blogger directly for help. If anybody has contact info for them, please email me!!! It's
I didn't realize that before all this. All Blogger does is direct you to 'Help' forums which don't seem to be helpful at all.
I mean, really, there is no way that changing the name of my blog and then trying to change the actual url/address thing should be causing such huge problems. AND, I should be able to get in touch with SOMEONE at Blogger who can help me get it straightened out. This is absolutely ridiculous.
Pam, I know about the problem with the past posts. I can't get anything by clicking on them either. And, the new blog address is NOT Enchanted Garden. It's Enchanted Hollow Designs:

Anyway, I'm really working hard on getting my blog mess straightened out. I noticed I lost three followers. That always makes me feel bad. Seriously.

Reposting one from 2009

2009-05-03T14:58:59.089-04:00Our Adorable Cat Children

I thought I should do a post about our wonderful cat children, Christopher and Maggie. They are just about 3 yrs old now. We adopted them after our beloved cat of 14 yrs., Alex, passed away from terminal cancer. Christopher and Maggie were about 7 months when we adopted them from the PetSmart in Frederick. I fell in love with them the minute I saw them. Especially Christopher. Maggie was sound asleep the first time I saw her in her cage. Chrissie was right next door and was wide awake and alert to the possibility of getting a real home for them. He leaned up against the front of his cage so we could sort of pet him, and he actually licked Albert's fingers. That did it. Albert was smitten. I immediately set about finding out what we had to do to make them ours. I was told that Christopher and Maggie were brother and sister and that they were found outside apparently abandoned. They captured my heart even more so at that.
So, they have been our cats since that time and we have been their humans. Christopher is one of the most loving cats you could ever make the acquaintance of. Maggie is smaller and much more high strung, but extremely loving and sweet (with us) just the same. Neither cat likes strangers too much. They hide. I can't blame them.
They both like to eat (especially Christopher! We have to really watch him), sleep (of course!), play, which includes very spirited romps, ambushes, stalkings, playing with toys. One of their absolutely favorite activities is our readling-aloud times in the evenings. My husband and I don't watch T.V. We prefer to read. There are so many great books that Albert (my husband) was never exposed to that we have been reading them. We all get settled on the couch and I read. Christopher usually settles on my tummy, and Maggie curls up beside Albert's leg and rests her head on it. We have been reading the original Dr. Dolittle books by Hugh Lofting. We read "The Story of Dr. Dolittle", "The Voyages of Dr. Dolittle", "Dr. Dolittle's Circus", "Dr. Dolittle's Zoo".
We are currently reading "Dr. Dolittle's Post Office", which I personally feel isn't nearly as interesting as the others. And, we are alternating that with "The Incredible Journey" by Sheila Burnford, about two dogs and one Siamese cat who endure a perilous journey to return to their loving family.
A note to the above about our cats liking to eat. Christopher LOVEs to eat and would eat just about anything if we let him, which we don't. Maggie is a really fussy eater actually.
In the photo of the two of them, Christopher is the larger kitty with the white nose, and Maggie is the little beauty with the grey nose. Aren't they both strikingly beautiful felines?

Been Havin' Fun : )

Looking at all the neat hand embroidery/stitchery/cross stitch patterns on etsy. I love to sit and stitch. I just need to finish what I start!

There is still time to vote in the 'Next Swap' poll

There is one day left on the poll that is at the top left on my blog. Please vote!

Still Time to Sign Up for Bug Swap

There is still time to sign up for the Bug Swap. I'm taking signups thru midnight tomorrow night.
Email me at

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bug Swap Information

2011-05-06T03:12:39.023-04:00Announcing Thimbleprims Bug Swap!!!!Okay, here it is!
The first ever Thimbleprims Studio Bug Swap!! Each participant will have one partner she will swap with. You make a bug from about 2" to up to about 6" in length and you can use any medium you want-paper, mixed media, clay, cloth, sewn, knitted, crocheted, sculpted, etc. All styles welcome: cute, whimsical, primitive, sophisticated, Victorian, dressed, undressed, whatever you want. Bees, dragonflies, butterflies, spiders, beetles, whatever you want. You and your partner can decide if you want to extras in your swap packages.

Signups until: May 20th,2011

Your bug needs to be mailed out on or before: June 25th.

Please take a good clear photo of your bug before you mail it off, so I can include it in a 'Grand Parade of Bugs'. : )

To sign up, email me at and include the following info:

Your name:
Your preferred email address:
Your mailing address:
Your blog address:
Is an international partner okay?:
Your favorite colors:
Colors you dislike, if any:
Your favorite bug:
What style will the bug you make be: primitive, cute, etc.
What medium do you think you will use:
Do you want to include extras:
Are you a smoker:
Are you allergic to dogs, cats, perfumed items?

Also, please, PLEASE post my Bug Swap badge along with a link to my post about the swap on your blogs so we can get the word out and get a great bunch of swappers!!

Think that's everything. We are gonna have so much fun!!! Bring on the Bugs of Summer! *Although you are free to make a winter bug if you want. : ) *